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TswanaGas (Pty) Ltd is part of the LSB Group of companies and it was incorporated in December 2015, to cater for what was established as a niche market in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Cooking Gas. This need was informed by the department of Energy affairs’ policy that classifies LPG as an essential commodity in the country, which must be made available and affordable to every Motswana at all parts of the country.

The main sources of energy for cooking and heating in Botswana are still firewood, Coal and Paraffin, especially in the rural areas, all of which have negative impacts to the national safety policy and environmental protection. A high percentage of the population in urban areas use electricity, which has also proven to be unreliable and comparatively expensive.

Population growth, coupled with economic and social development, continue to increase Botswana’s energy requirements, while heightening the need for greater environmental protection.

It was against this background, that TswanaGas came on board the market, with unique strategies to promote LPG as an affordable and alternative energy solution. Our company strategies are aimed at affording the customer first hand experience with the supplier, and close the existing gap between the LPG supplier and consumer.

Tswana Gas owns two LPG filling plants/depots, with the first one in Gaborone, situated at Mmamashia industrial area, and the second one in Francistown. The plants have a carrying capacity of 2 x 90 cubic tanks or 97 200kg respectively. These plants are strategically located and built in accordance with the Botswana Bureau of standards (BOBS) and international best practice standards

TswanaGas owns a fleet of vehicles dedicated for deliveries and transportation as stated below,

  • Two(2) – 8 ton Nissan UD85 trucks (with skyjack lifts)
  • Two(2)- 4 ton Hino 300 Trucks (with skyjack lifts)
  • Ten (10) – Toyota Hilux ( with special designed gas body built)
  • One SCANIA Horse with a 22 ton trailer, fitted with Skyjack lift

This fleet is used for delivery of LPG in cylinders from depots to our customers through distribution, retail & (D2D), as well as moving stock between the two depots, and shall be increased with demand

at 30th September 2019

TswanaGas (Pty) Limited 38794 124 432 69

Key Personnel Contact

Oabona Milles Okie

Business Development

Tshepo Mathanjane

We distribute LPG in four different sizes of cylinders, mainly 9kg, 14kg, 19kg and 48kg. We also have in stock an affordable pack of 4.5kg which comes with a cooker top. This pack is also ideal for camping. We have the capacity to supply all market segments, i.e. retailers, domestic (house to house), commercial customers, poultry farms, restaurants, hospitals, Schools, and big organisations through tenders, as well as manufacturing Industries.

Ordering GAS made easy by TswanaGas

Dial *174 # through the FNB app
Call -0800 600 300 toll free number
Call -landline

The company operates a variety of user friendly customer service options, which are unique and hassle free, to enable customers to place orders for gas. These options are channeled/routed through a customer service call centre, which manages and controls placement and delivery of orders. The available options are as follows;

Use FNB App
Toll Free
0800 600 300
Call our Landline
+267 3186232 +267 3710608
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