Lubricant Supplies Botswana (Pty) Ltd.

Oculus Investments (Pty) Limited t/a Oculus Mining & Railway Supplies

TswanaFuel (Pty) Ltd.

TswanaGas (Pty) Ltd.

The Companies have  common shareholdings and Directorates i.e. same shareholders in the same proportion and same Directors.

The origin of the Group dates back to 1998 when Lubricants Supplies Botswana (Pty) Limited (LSB) was incorporated with the mandate to develop and market the Castrol brand in Botswana.  This was an initiative by the Group’s Chairman Mr. Aryl Ralebala.

By 2007 the Castrol brand’s market share in Botswana was in excess of 60%.  This provided the platform for LSB to venture in to other areas of activity leading to the evolution of the LSB Group to its present form.



  • Incorporation of Lubricants Supplies Botswana (Pty) Limited (LSB)
  • Commenced marketing Castrol as the distributor


  • Global acquisition of the Castrol brand by BP.
  • Distributorship extended to include BP lubricants


  • Commencement of diversification to other Sectors
  • Incorporation of Oculus Investments (Pty) Limited to focus in strategic supplies to the Mining & Railway sectors
  • Oculus appointed as distributor by Dunlop Industrial and National Railway Equipment (NRE)
  • OCULUS accredited as supplier to leading mines (including Debswana) and Botswana Railways


Moved in to Group’s own premises at G West Industrial, Gaborone


Incorporated Tswanafuel (Pty) Limited as an oil Company


  • Commissioned the first fuel depot with storage capacity in excess of 500,000 Litres.
  • Francistown branch relocated to Company owned premises
  • Appointed distributor for SKF bearings


Established the first retail outlet at Nkoyaphiri branded as ENGEN


Established the second retail outlet at Mmamashiya branded as ENGEN


Commissioned the second depot at Lobatse with storage capacity of 200,000 Litres


  • Incorporated Tswanagas (Pty) Limited
  • Commenced construction of gas filling plant for Tswanagas


Appointed distributor of Donanldson Filters

At 30th of September 2020

 Lubricants Supplies Botswana (Pty) Limited 98 181 63 532  22
 Tswanafuel (Pty) Limited 588 026 300 782 170
 Oculus Investments (Pty) Limited 16 917 7 945  5
TswanaGas (Pty) Limited 47 664 103 070 83
 TOTAL 750,788 475 329 280

Aryl Relebala

Managing Director

Aryl Ralebala

An engineer by professional, Aryl has been with the oil industry for over twenty years in total. He has been the Managing Directors of LSB since inception eighteen years ago, prior to which he was with Shell, holding positions in the areas of retail, development and commercial.

Nafrin Mohideen
Finance Director
Nafrin Mohideen
Nafrin is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has in excess of twenty years experience as a finance director, thirteen of which have been in Botswana. He has significant experience in the local market having held the position of Finance Director at LSB for twelve years.
Seyed J. Anzsar
Non Executive
Seyed J. Anzsar
Accountant by profession with many years experience including as Partner of an international firm of accountants
Leina Gabaraane
Non Executive
Leina Gabaraane
Banking professional and presently CEO of one of the leading financial institutions in Botswana

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